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Quick collection is a special debt demand service for your smallest claims


Small receivables that are overdue are often written off because the amount of the receivable, the internal effort and the cost risk are in no relation to one another.
Unfortunately, many debtors rely on this.

LIQUIDA® Quick Inkasso is a special dunning service for your smallest claims (less than EUR 250.00). And that at a fixed price, with no hidden costs.


  • You will achieve a high success rate with our professional collection letters.
  • The high level of assertiveness of LIQUIDA® ensures payments are received fast. You will receive your money immediately as the payments from debtors go straight into your bank account
  • Your debtors will pay faster in the future as they see that even the smallest claims are important to you.
  • You know exactly what your cost risk is and will not pay a penny with complete success